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Script Writing

Activity: Script Writing Basics

Length of activity: 2 classes

In class we saw the sample script from the pilot episode of "Arrested Development"

and watched the show afterwards to compare the script with the actual finished episode.


Your task will be to write a sample script of your very own. 

Your script must follow standard script format. Pay attention to the sample scripts and follow the same format.

Remember to capitalize character names and to use the font "Courier". 

Don't forget to include the essential elements as discussed in class:

Your sample script will comprise of one scene only.

Your scene will involve 4 characters:

  • 1 character will stay in the scene from start to finish.

  • 1 character will start the scene and then exit mid-way through.

  • 1 character will enter the scene mid-way through and stay until the end.

  • 1 character will take place off-screen (O.S.) or in a voice over (V.O.) 
            ( an example could be a narrator or the voice of a letter that is being read )

Your finished script should be somewhere in the 2-3 page range, not including title page.

Use any ideas that come to mind. Here are a few suggestions in case you get stuck:

- Student comes to the Principal's office to report some bullying. When he/she arrives, the bully is already there.

- A person is trying to return something to a store but has forgotten their receipt.

- Two prisoners are planning their escape.

Your script will be marked out of 15 and will be graded using the following rubric:

   1  2  3  4  5
 Format Did not follow standard format  Somewhat followed format with numerous mistakes  Somewhat followed format with a couple mistakes Followed correct format for most of the script  All parts followed correct format
 Organization  Very disorganized Disorganized   Somewhat organized  Mostly organized  Very organized
 Criteria  Did not meet criteria  Met some criteria but still missing many key parts  Met many criteria but still missing some key parts  Met mostly all criteria  Met all criteria effectively