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Film Crew

 Executive Producer

Provides funding for the film

Finds investors

Authorizes and supervises the packaging and marketing
of the film



Runs the show

Hires key people

Ensures everything is on time and on budget


Creates the dialogue, characters, & storyline

 Unit Production Manager (Line Producer)

Responsible for day-to-day activities

Manages the budget

Manages production office


Decides camera composition, lenses, and movements

Works with the actors

 1st Assistant Director (1st A.D.)

Schedules the film

Keeps things moving in a timely manner

Liaison between producer and director

 2nd Assistant Director (2nd A.D.)

Liaison between set and office

Works with extras and helps with call sheets

 Casting Director

Video Tapes auditions

Filters out the best for call backs

Connects actors to films

 Script Supervisor

Takes detailed notes to maintain film continuity

Represents the editors and writers on set

Feed lines to the talent if they forget

 Director of Photography

Create a "look" and "feel" for the film

Helps to create the directors vision accurately

 Camera Operator

Oversees the preparation of camera equipment

Operates the camera equipment

Responsible for camera crew

 1st Assistant Camera Operator (1st A.C.)

Build the camera

Maintain the camera with film, batteries, etc

Pull the focus of the camera

 2nd Assistant Camera Operator (2nd A.C.)

 Responsible for slating and camera techniques