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Film 12

Film 12 Students will be responsible for taking a senior role in organizing and assisting with the weekly PTV broadcasts. 

In addition they will be required to submit 4 short film projects and complete a project portfolio by the end of the term.
They will have to focus their film's on specific genres but beyond an initial consultation and submission with the teacher, they will work independently to complete their projects by the due dates. 10% will be subtracted for each day late.

Role with PTV
Each Film 12 student will act as a liaison to the Film 11 PTV crews. Your role will be to answer questions and guide student work. Film 11 students will show you their work in the editing process and you will give them pointers and feedback before they render out their final PTV segment contribution. You may defer any undertain questions or materials to the teacher for a second opinion but you will be responsible for signing off on the final finished segment.

You will need to role model organization, hard work, and responsible class participation.

Short Film Projects

You will be able to select your 4 film projects from a variety of topics. You are also welcomed to suggest your own film topics for approval by the teacher. Your responsibility will be to have your films submitted by the deadlines. You will be marked on your organization, work ethic, and classroom time management in addition to the finished product. In other words, if you wait around until the last minute and then cram all of your work in, it will negatively affect your grade.

Your project due dates will be:

Project 1
: March 15th (day before Spring Break)
Project 2: April 26th
Project 3: May 24th
Project 4: June 14th

Student Portfolio: June 21st
Portfolio must be a collection of all student work from the semester. Student must give a brief introduction for each segment and explain the details and inspiration for each project.

Review your storyboard skills here

February 21st - "How to Video"
Storyboard due: February 7th

March 27th - "Mystery / Thriller / Horror"
Storyboard due: March 6th

April 24th - "Documentary"
Storyboard due: April 10th

Storyboard due: May 15th

June 15th - "Self Portrait"
Storyboard due: June 5th

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