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180 Degree Rule

Continuity is a big part of filmmaking. If you're shooting a short film or interview,

it's important to set the scene and establish your characters in space and time in

order for the viewer to follow the action. One of the most basic continuity rules is

the 180 Degree Rule.  

The 180 Degree Rule states that two characters in a scene should always have the

same left/right relationship to each other. If you don't follow the 180 Degree Rule,

or break it intentionally, it disrupts the scene disorients the audience. When you

break the 180 line, a person who was originally facing left in a scene is all of the

sudden facing right. Wait , when did they switch places? 

Whether  there  are  two  people  or  more  in  the  scene,  there  is  an  “Action  Line”  or  “180 

Degree  Line” that  divides  the  space  around  them  in  half.  (One  half  of  a  circle  is  180 



The Camera should not cross the action line. This shot will confuse your audience.   The camera can freely move on this side of the action line.


Recreate the following scene or film a discussion from 3 unique angles without "crossing the line".

The Conversation- 180 Degree Rule.mp4

If video doesn't load - view it here

For your final submission you will need to include your:

        (the first 3 must be complete before starting to film)

           Finished Video (60-90 seconds)

Jon Hamlin,
Nov 5, 2013, 1:18 PM