Film & TV

Course Description

This course is designed to offer students experience in the creation and production of a weekly school-based television series.

Students will be involved in the hands-on creation of a weekly news broadcast and will be responsible for such activities as pre and post production, digital video editing, sound editing, set building, special effects, interviewing, reporting, videotaping, and collaborating efficiently within a team. Students are required to be self-motivated and responsible as the class will be working quickly within tight time-frames and specific schedules.

Student Expectations The key to a succesful Film & TV course is teamwork and collaboration.  As a result, expectations for behavior and work ethic are high.  Students will be challenged to perform to the highest of their abilities and to complete all tasks within their given time-frame. Students will be responsible for ensuring their work is completed by the due dates and to develop excellent communication strategies with their teacher and fellow classmates.

Lab Expectations

The key to a well-managed AV lab is organization and cleanliness. It is very important to always ensure you return all supplies and equipment, neatly, to their designated places. The lab is shared with many students and to ensure you can always find what you are looking for, these steps are essential.

Also, much of the equipment we will be working with is valuable and expensive. Much of this is also delicate and fragile. Students will be entrusted to use this equipment and exercise the utmost caution and care. Students will be expected to return the equipment in the same way they found it. They will also be required to document and report any equipment malfunctions or problems immediately. 


  • Students will benefit from having access to a computer and internet connection at home.
  • Video editing software, many free trials are available. 
  • All other materials will be provided within out lab.


Film & TV will be graded based on the following breakdown:

Weekly Assignments - 60%             Self Assessment - 10%                  Final Project - 30%