10 Changes 1

See image #2 - what changes do you notice?

Where is the child in the red jacket, red pants and red hat going? Probably to daycare. What about the man zipping his coat? He is off to exchange his new cell phone because it’s defective. They better not try to screw him, he’s thinking while zipping. The woman with the blue scarf and red jacket is going to work, which is, awkwardly enough, at her ex-boyfriend’s house. That is the problem with dating your boss. It wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t work at home, but all day long she can’t help but look for signs of someone new in his life. Like for example, since when does he buy kleenex in the decorative box?
Not today though, today she feels suddenly totally over it. As if it all happened 100 years ago. She doesn’t even care if he notices how over it is she is. And that, she feels, is proof.


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