Block 3 - CISCO

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CISCO 11 - Chapter 8
CISCO 12 - Chapter 14
No assignments necessary, just review all chapter content

Chapter Exams MONDAY

These should all be complete now. Custom Computer builds need to be in your portfolio. The labelled diagram of all the parts from the Computer Hardware Lab also needs to be in the portfolio of every group member.
Computer Hardware Labs & Custom Computer Build

Block 4 - Programming

Look through some of the games other students have created here:

You goal for the week will be to copy a game on here and tweak it and customize it to add your own personal creative touch. Due by the start of class on Friday.
Example game:

THURSDAY JANUARY 27  is 20% Presentation Day - You will need to give a brief overview of your project to the class.

Programming 12 option: Waterloo Computer Science Circles


Congratulations to the CISCO Academy class of June 2016

Pinetree Time

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